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Easter Bread – Pane di Pasqua

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This is a specialty sweet bread that Mamma makes only at Easter time. This sweet bread has a heavier consistency than your typical bread and the finished product has a yellow color tinge to it. The Kids will gobble it up and it will soon become an annual Easter tradition.


7 Eggs (whisk)
7 teaspoons Baking powder
3 cups sugar
Flour (approx 5 cups)
2 cups vegetable oil
1 cup milk
8 ml Salt or 1/2 tbsp
6 eggs (for decorative purposes, twist dough over raw egg)


  • Beat the 7 eggs well with whisk.
  • Add 3 cups sugar, add 2 cups of vegetable oil, 8 ml salt or little more than 1/2 tbsp salt, 1 cup milk. Whisk well to add more air.
  • Add flour to make a dough consistency (approx 5 cups) and add 7 teaspoon baking powder.
  • Roll and twist the dough in strips, add decorative egg (raw, shell still intact of course), shape as per above image.   Use thinner strip of dough to wrap the egg on the top or for the last layer.

Bake at 300 deg F  for about 35 minutes.

Makes about 6 loaves.

This sweet bread is a treat Mamma gives to all the grand-children each year and it is also known as pane di pasqua in Italian.

Pork Tenderloin with Prosciutto

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Tenderloin Prosciutto1 lb Pork Tenderloin
8 – 10 slices Prosciutto
10-12 Sage leaves (can use Basil)
Olive Oil Extra Virgin
Black Pepper

Serves 4


Slice the tenderloin diagonally and you should get around 10 medallions. Brush the meat with olive oil, add the black pepper, salt (prosciutto is salty so we do not add but some prefer to use salt), add the sage leaves then wrap it with the prosciutto.  You can put the sage on both sides first then wrap it with the prosciutto if you like. You are wrapping each slice.

Frying Pan

Preheat frying pan, add some olive oil and if the tenderloins are thin it will only take about 4 minutes per side.


We prefer to barbecue our tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto. Cook on medium heat and brush with EVOO when you flip. Serve with salad and veggies.

Those not familiar with Prosciutto it is an Italian salt-cured ham.  Other prosciutto recipes include Halibut wrapped in prosciutto and it is great in a sandwich (make sure it is sliced thin) and serve with some Italian cheese .

Mangiara !!