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Fried Italian Bread aka Croustoweele, Pane Frita, Fritto

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There are many types of Italian breads, Ciabatta, Pane carasau, Pane casareccio, Panino, Focaccia, Pane toscano (without salt), Michetta, Rosetta, Ciriola, Pane pugliese, Pane di Altamura, Pane Fritto,  Grissini torinesi, Tigella, Crescentina, Piadina, Pita to name a few. The following is an authentic age old Italian recipe for fried bread Mamma style.

2 cups of warm water
2 tbsp active dry yeast
1/4 tsp sugar to help yeast rise

1 tbsp salt
4 cups of flour

Vegetable oil (for frying pan)

making the dough

cooking the dough


  • Wait for yeast to float on top of the water then add flour and salt
  • Mix till no lumps (not like pancake dough)
  • The dough should stick to your hands and fingers for the consistency to be correct
  • Leave until ready to fry do not handle!
  • If the house is hot/warm the dough will rise faster
  • Fill the frying pan ¾ full with vegetable oil and set burner or stove up as high as 8.
  • On the side fill a little bowl with some oil to dip your fingers in so the dough does not stick too badly to your fingers. Remember to frequently oil your fingers and hands to prevent dough from sticking.
  • Pinch a bit of dough, quickly spread it or stretch it then carefully place it into the oil in the pan (see photo).
  • Can cook quickly so do not leave unattended.
  • Flip when underside is golden brown.

Let cool and enjoy! Mangia!