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Coffee and Dessert Recipes

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It is a 53 page e-book which includes some of the most wonderful coffee and dessert recipes.

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Coffee Recipes

Coffee Recipes

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  1. [email protected] Says:

    Hi, I am looking for a recipe to make Pasta Reale. There cookies made with hazelnut’s for the flour. Im having a tough time surfing and with google. And it is not marzi pan. I had (ate) this cookie at a party some time ago and love the cookie called pasta reale. It looks like ossa di morti (italian cookies called bones of the dead) BUT the flour used is hazelnut flour and the cookies an not as hard. Oh, I forgot to mention I want to find this recipe for my mom because she loves the cookies also and wants to make them. Please email me at [email protected]. My mom and I would be so happy if anyone can help find the recipe or give some advice to find the recipe to pasta reale. Thank you. Rosemarie and Francesca.

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