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Homemade Italian Tomato Sauce

Posted by: Gina  :  Category: Italian Recipes, Pasta Recipes

Looking for a classic Italian recipe for homemade pasta sauce or tomato sauce from scratch?


home made tomato sauce from scratch10 lbs tomatoes
1/2 cup (125 ml) olive oil
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp basil
1 tbsp oregano
Salt to taste


Add 1/2 cup of olive oil and clove of garlic to cooking pot. Start simmer on low temperature. Add tomatoes.

To prepare tomatoes we will give you two options:

Option 1 – Drop tomatoes into boiling water for 1/2 minute or 30 seconds. Remove and peel skin. Place the peeled tomatoes into your cooking pot and crush.

Option 2 – If you have a blender or bullet mixer you do not need to peel or boil the tomatoes. Remove core, cut the tomatoes in half and blend. Add the mixture to your cooking pot.

Add basil, oregano and salt. Simmer for 3-4 hours. Mangia!!

For meat sauce add cooked lean ground beef.

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  1. Mitchel Corban Says:

    Too good dude! I liked it!!

  2. Jackie Gardner Says:

    I added shredded carrots and some diced yellow peppers too! Wonderful!

  3. Elicia Beasley Says:

    Someone I work with visits your site quite often and recommended it to me to read too. The writing style is excellent and the content is top-notch. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

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