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Quick Panini

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In a hurry and looking for a recipe for a quick panini? A favorite of ours is made with a specialty Italian meat called capicollo (capacollo, capicolli, capicola) which is a dry-cured salted ham. It can be purchased in different varieties (spices ) with a hot or mild coating and it is one of the most popular Italian cold-cuts. It is salted and cured for up to six months. This meat with a mild provolone cheese will give your taste buds a ride and you now have a specialty sandwich everyone will love. Provolone (means large Provola) was first popular at the end of the 19th century and was first made in the Southern regions of Italy. It is a smooth cheese which accentuates the taste of the capicollo when blended together.


1 slice of your favorite Flat Bread
3-4 slices Capicollo Mild or use hot if you like spicy! We like ours thinly sliced.
1 slice Cheese Provolone
Sweet onion (red)
Mushrooms (sliced)
Tomato (optional)

We like to fry the mushrooms first. Fold flat-bread in half and place the meat, cheese, onions and mushrooms into the flat bread. Place in panini and grill sandwich until hot and cheese has melted. Buon appetito.

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