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Stuffed Green Peppers

Posted by: Gina  :  Category: Italian Recipes

mammamiarecipes.comThis is harvest season and many gardeners are picking their vegetables. If you planted green peppers now is the time to try this simple but tasty recipe.

3 cups bread cubes
2 eggs
6 tbsp Parmesan Cheese


  • Remove core of pepper. Some like to keep the core for the filling (less the stem of course).
  • In a mixing bowl combine 3 cups of bread cubes, chopped parsley and the grated garlic. Both the parsley and garlic is to your desired taste.
  • Add the 2 eggs and mix ingredients together
  • Add the 6 tbsp of Parmesan Cheese

Continue mixing all ingredients until moist. Has to be moist or a consistency similar to a turkey dressing.  If the stuffing is not moist enough or if necessary add a little water until desired consistency is reached.

Completely fill the green peppers with your mixture or to the top of the green pepper. Next place peppers in a baking pan and put them in oven at 350 deg F until the top is golden brown.

Variations: add few tbsp of spaghetti sauce on top of each stuffed pepper prior to baking.

Stay tuned as we will be adding our stuffed green peppers recipe which includes ground beef, rice and onion mixture. A great family meal.


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  1. arron Says:

    Great! Thanks for the share!

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